4 Table Setting Pro Tips To Make You Wanna Stay At Home For Valentine’s Day

Nothing, just nothing can beat the comfort of celebrating this day with your loved ones at home. A Valentine day meal has to be one of the most sought after meals of the year and decking your tables up can totally amp up your V-Day spirit. Whether it’s just you two or if it requires a feast for the whole squad, my tips below might just help you jazz up your special day at home. Read here:

One: Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

You can never go wrong with flowers. Fill the table with flowers to create that special ambience and a positive atmosphere. Place them as a bunch, insert them into a vase or simple place them next to the dinner plate- there’s no way flowers don’t do justice to any given space at any given day.

Two: Make Candles & Candelabras Your Best Friends

For that additional glamour quotient and restaurant kinda feel, place candles and candelabras to your benefit. Light them up and stand out for the exceptional appeal that they create. Place them in the centre and along with flowers on the table. You can choose from options in terms of materials like crystals, iron, glass etc.

Four: Prop It Up

Props such as tall centre pieces, feather and fur baubles, DIY bottles, mirchi lights, lanterns, vintage decor props, menu inserts along with name tags etc are cherries on the cake for your V-Day table. Just make sure you do not over do this bit, for the list of props is infinite and also keep in mind that you do not mix too many textures since that could lead to a lot of chaos on the table, which is definitely turning off.