Inspiration: 60 Plus Coffee Table Styles

I’ve never seen a living room setting without any coffee table and the look really seems incomplete even when I try to imagine the same. Now, imagine a space with two statement sofa chairs wrapped in uber rich fabric, a giant chandelier beaming upon the same and there’s this coffee table ahead styled with utmost grace and poise. Didn’t it just feel so enchanting? To me it certainly did. Coffee tables these days are more typical ‘centre tables’ that were used since the beginning. They’ve been redone by experts in countless number of ways and the materials used too have changed to quite an extent. The ‘new look’ coffee tables are certainly pleasing to the eyes and not only this, their functionality too comes greatly into picture.

Now, Why are coffee tables so important?

I mean, think if there’s this living room and you’re chilling with your friends, but there’s really no place to keep your beer mugs or food platters. It doesn’t really make any sense, right? And hence, COFFEE TABLES! Thanks to intelligent design. *wink*

Coffee table designs, like I mentioned earlier are now being played with different materials like different kinds of wood, metal elements such as brass, bronze, steel, glass, and even stone like onyx, agate, fabric such as leather/leatherette, velvet etc. There are endless number of combinations and I’ve collected some below here. Have a look: