Inspiration: Monochrome-Never a dull moment for your interior spaces: 100 Plus Ideas

You might want to give your interior spaces a cue and transform your spaces into something as classical as a “BLACK AND WHITE.” Push boundaries and set yourself up in a pad decorated like a luxe-boutique hotel bedroom. I don’t mean just stick to black and white and no other colour, of course NOT. For the monochromes to shine out, there’s always a requirement of another colour which may or may not be vibrant (according to your choice)- to bring up some pop, so the spaces don’t look too dull. Before you scroll down for images, do go through my tips that I hope would help you set your pads well:


Use stripes: Choose from wallpapers in stripes, chevrons, or take any other geometric design and put against it a recliner or maybe a vintage straight line chair to go along with it.

Put frames on the walls with bordered lines. They look really charming.

Rugs or carpets in animal skin or faux ones, if you prefer that, HAVE to be present to complete the look.

Pendant lights and modern mirrors make great accessories.

Linen in soft hues, specially when the flooring is dark is totally a MUST.

Planters! Planters! Planters! The modern ones, with decent amounts of greens in them.

NO dramatic chandeliers, rather straight lines and modern ones to be used.

Use greys.