Currently Viral Home Decor Accessories: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About ‘TERRARIUMS’

It was just recently found that ‘Terrariums’ is one of the most googled words and the trend of decorating interior spaces with them has flooded Instagram with the finest designers and stylists using them as their favourite decor accessory. The amount of Terrarium & Succulent DIYs that are done and shared everyday is bizarre and soon I’ll be sharing mine too, along with my favourite ones from the internet.

But, first things first: Before some inspirations, let’s start with knowing the trend.

Q: What are ‘Terrariums’ ? 

A: So terrariums basically are glass containers: opened or sealed, containing soil and plants. They come in various shapes and sizes and literally, any glass container could be made into a terrarium with soil and plants put in. Terrariums are one of the most trending, quick and easy-to-set home decor accessories. Not just plants, terrariums are also used to display lights, candles and other home decor gimmicks too. You can hang them together or just style them at your dining or coffee tables and create an effortless piece of decor.

Q: Are there any types of Terrariums?

A: Terrariums, primarily are of two types: Open & Closed.

Open Terrariums: These are best suited to plants that are adapted to open environments or plants that need direct sunlight, usually. The open surface allows for the air inside to remain moisture free and thus, the plants last long.

Closed Terrariums: These are best suited to tropical plants, such as mosses, ferns etc that require factors such as moisture and humidity. Keeping the terrarium sealed allows for the circulation of water.

Q: Which all plants can be put in Terrariums?

A: Depending on the type of terrarium, various types of plants can be put in them. Most common ones are: mosses, orchids, ferns, air plants, SelaginellaFittonia succulents such as cactus etc.

Q: What precautions must be taken while putting plants in Terrariums?

A: Water the plants according to their biological properties. Over or less watering could ruin the plants and the container.

Get the correct soil mix according to the plant. The mixture must be sterile in order to avoid introducing harmful microbes.

The terrarium must be opened once a week to remove excess moisture from the air and walls of the container.

The growing medium used in terrariums must be clean, well drained and high in organic matter.

Plants that have low and dense growth habit usually are best. Larger plants are used but must be kept small in terrariums by cutting back the tips.

PRO TIP: Decide on a theme for the terrarium: woodland, tropical or desert. When making this decision, consider the temperature and light where the terrarium is to be located. Select plants that suit the location.

I hope you really got inspired by the images above, do post your feedback in the comment section below and if there’s any other topic or theme you would want to me to talk about, do write about that too.

Images via: Pinterest, Elle Decor, West Elm, Better Homes, Mother Nature Network.