5 Top Home Decor Stores In Paris That Are A Must Visit

Paris? Or rather Oh, Paris. This city has not just been ruling the universe of fashion, it rather has engulfed the design world immensely in its unparalleled glamour. Talk about furniture, art or design in general, Paris wins over any other city in the whole world and has more than enough to offer that makes anyone go gaga.

It was the hardest decision of my life to make a list of top 5 stores: It only kept going better as I explored more. So these are the top 5 stores that I found more than just inspiring, where I kept feeling to stay more and only wanted to endlessly gaze at all of their beautiful baubles. But if only that was possible (lack of time in our itinerary.) So if you’re planning a trip to Paris soon and if home decor is both your strength and weakness, (just like it’s mine), these stores are what you should definitely be adding to your itinerary:

Roche Bobois is a big name in the furniture history of the world, into play for more than 50 years now. YES! 50 Years! One of the oldest in the league, the brand has a wonderful team of extremely efficient designers and architects from all over the world. Together they make bespoke collections that are not only indulging but beyond inspiring too. The brand stands true to its USP: Minimal Designs. Depicting clean lines and minimal clutter makes Roche Bobois pieces stand out like no other. Premium brands from the haute couture industry like: Kenzo, Missoni, Jean Paul Gaultier etc have added to the collection at Roche Bobois too. 

Find them at:  84-92 Avenue du Maine, 52 Avenue de la Grande-Armée, 75017 Paris, France, 8 Rue de Lyon, 75012 Paris, France

Like I’ve mentioned earlier in one of my posts, I shall mention again “I would proudly call de Gournay as my favourite design house and you would keep reading about the brand again and again here at my website.” I was so happy and so thrilled to have visited their flagship store in Paris, for I really have waited to see those wallpapers in real. Their uniquely hand painted wallpapers turned out exactly how I had imagined them to be: “Magical.”

Find them at: 15 Rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 Paris, France

Yes, this name is not only one of the leading luxury fashion labels in the world, but is also setting a benchmark in the industry of home decor, with its edgy design aesthetic that is loved by millennials. Their label Gucci Decor right now offers cushions, breathtakingly amazing scented candles, mugs, chairs, wooden partitions etc. Every single piece they offer is attractive in a unique way. After witnessing every piece myself, I conclude my visit in a sentence- No one makes bright colours as effortlessly beautiful as Gucci does. 

So I explored this store only while strolling the Parisian streets, when my eyes couldn’t resist an Agate table that I saw at their window. That table was what Agate dreams are made of. They had the prettiest Agate and marble collection that I ever saw or could think of. The kind of table stands that Catherine offers was mind blowing to look at and my eyes were having the best views ever. Along with this, they had decor pieces in onyx and had many kinds of lighting options, enough to spoil any soul for choices in designs and materials. 

So this store deserves a bow down for how well they have preserved their collection from an era as old as even the 15th Century. Every piece of furniture in the collection was highly inspired and talking about their beauty, I can only call their collection ” The true old world charm.” (No wonder the label has been known to serve the royalties and the wealthiest from around the whole world.) With pieces priced at more than hundreds of thousands of Euros, this store in my opinion is one of the world’s most expensive furniture stores. My visit to this store had me transported me to a different era of  timeless beauty that knows nothing but royalty and aristocracy. 

I hope you really got inspired by the images above, do post your feedback in the comment section below and if there’s any other topic or theme you would want to me to talk about, do write about that too.